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Patient Reviews

If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

  • This place is great, your staff is courteous and very helpful. I have never felt uncomfortable there and for me that says alot when you are talking about a dentist’s office. I also like that you have extended hours which is very helpful.

    Judith S-E.
  • We are brand new patients and love it. Professional staff was able to get me and my 3 boys in and out in an hour! Quality and time saving, what a bonus!

    Trish B.
  • I had no insurance, a bad tooth ache, no appointment on morning after working all night long. I saw the ‘new patient special’ sign out front on my way home. Something tole me to turn around and go inside. I did. I am forever grateful for the Gwinnett Family Dental Care staff for taking me right there for an appointment, helped with financing, and took me back to get my problem fixed by one of the cutest Dentists I have ever seen!! I love you guys!!!

    Deborah M.
  • They are willing to work with you on payments. They have the best staff. Always friendly. Went in their with so much pain for my wisdom tooth coming in. They whisked me on back checked me out and explained everything i needed to do. I hate getting my teeth worked on but they are so gentle and make it comfortable.

    Nichole G.
  • They are so friendly and make you feel at ease when you are having a procedure done. I highly recommend them. My family has been going there for over 20 years.

    Kathy B.
  • My daughter had good service from beginning to end. I like how they explained the process before she got her fillings done. It did not take long for them to fill 3 cavities. We were very happy with the service we received.

    Tatiana C.
  • Good friendly service, as usual!!!

    Charles K.
  • Warm and inviting atmosphere. Staff very courteous and professional. Did not imagine that I would walk in and be given an appointment on the same day. Love the receptionist (beautiful long black curly hair), Jennifer, Jason, and REALLY love Dr. Staeben. GREAT TEAM…Thank you for taking great care of me.

    Doris C.
  • Went in to have a tooth looked at because it had a cavity and a piece of the tooth had chipped. I was thankful when they sad it didn’t have to be extracted, but would require a filling instead. The team that did my x-rays and fillings were very gentle and kept checking on me to ensure I was comfortable and okay during the procedure. I REALLY appreciate the compassion shown. I have to go back for another to be done, so I hope I have the same service. Thank you.

    Selena P.
  • Everyone was very nice. Excellent care.

    Elizabeth W.
  • My last appointment for checking out the cleaning and filling that was done previously was the best experience I ever had in my lifetime dental history. The previous cleaning and filling was great. The progress in treatment for destroying the bacterias I had is excellent. Thank you.

    Thomas H.
  • It was a very pleasant experience. I didn’t know that the bonding on the back of my front teeth could be done without novocaine! That made the experience so much better. Also it did not take very long and I was done in less than 20 minutes! Awesome.

    Sheila O.
  • You are doing a great job. Keep up the Good Work and friendly atmosphere.

    Briana C.
  • The dental staff were courteous and attended to me right away. They were very friendly and polite.

    Elvira G.
  • The attention was special. The person who attended to me was professional and very friendly.

    Mario G.
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