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The Health of Your Gums Matters

When you consider your overall health, most people tend to think about their weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and how they generally feel. Yet, one area in the human body can give many clues to your overall health: your gums. That’s correct – right there inside your mouth is a direct indication of the health of

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A Broken Tooth Is a Dental Emergency

Your smile is one of your greatest accessories. Your smile is a way to express friendliness, confidence, and contentment in everyday situations. It is imperative that you take necessary precautions to protect your smile so that it lasts you a lifetime. Wearing protective facial gear while playing sports and practicing good oral hygiene will go

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Are You Putting Off a Root Canal?

Let’s face it, we are all procrastinators at some point. We can all choose to put off doing things we don’t want to do, especially when it involves going to the doctor or dentist. Yet, we also know deep down that putting off a necessary appointment or treatment won’t offer a solution to the problem

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Stress And Teeth Grinding

When you are under stress, your body feels it in different ways. Some people feel extremely on-edge and irritable, while others feel very overwhelmed and fatigued. Many people lose a great deal of sleep because they cannot turn their brains off at night, and they experience insomnia for weeks on end. Other people are able

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