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3 Dental Care Tips to Spring Clean Your Teeth

Spring is the perfect time to open up your windows and freshen up your home with various cleaning projects. While treating your home with extra care, why not give yourself the same loving care? Regular dental care can help prevent serious health conditions and boost your self-confidence with a gorgeous smile. Here are three dental

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Deciding On the Best Toothbrush

If you want to have a job well done, you first need to make sure you are working with good tools. Just about any job, regardless of what it is, requires tools that are well-maintained in order to accomplish the best results. This is also the case with maintaining your oral health when you brush

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Unexpected Impacts on Oral Health

Every day you make important decisions regarding your health, regardless of whether you are aware or not. The foods you eat, your stress levels, the exercise you do (or do not do!) even the amount and quality of sleep you get are all factors that impact your overall health and general well-being. These things also

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Brushing Your Child’s Teeth

Keeping those little pearly whites in good condition is a parent’s job until the child is able to correctly manage the task. When that first tooth erupts, the job begins. Even before then, caring for your newborn’s gums is important to keep them healthy. The saliva in the mouth helps clean harmful bacteria away and

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Keeping Your Holiday Smile Healthy

And so it begins, the festive holiday season with ultra-busy schedules, cookies, pies, cakes and other delicious treats that are only offered during this time of year. For many families, this year is made even more special. Last year most families celebrated in isolation. Parties, festivities and large family gatherings were discouraged due to the

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