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Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth pain is difficult to ignore. Whether it’s minor discomfort that is only noticeable when you eat or severe pain that makes it hard to even concentrate, we can help. Gwinnett Family Dental Care provides effective tooth pain relief to patients of all ages. We realize the disruption that dental pain causes, and we also recognize the variety of culprits that may be responsible for your discomfort. Our first priority is to get you in the office promptly and provide an accurate diagnosis.

With our deep knowledge and vast experience in all facets of general dentistry, our dentists are able to treat tooth pain caused by decay, gum disease, tooth trauma and other issues. You can trust that we will explain your treatment options in detail and deliver long-term results that restore your smile best. Our office proudly reserves time in our daily schedules to see patients with urgent dental issues such as tooth pain. Whether your tooth pain relief involves general, restorative or cosmetic dentistry, we will create a comfortable visit using the latest dental technology in the industry.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be equally disruptive to your dental function as well as your quality of life. The jaw and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) play a crucial role in your oral health and daily dental function. When the TMJ becomes strained or overworked, it can create unwanted symptoms ranging from jaw stiffness to morning headaches. At Gwinnett Family Dental Care, we are well-qualified to treat TMJ disorders as well as other types of jaw pain. One of our skilled dentists will evaluate your jaw health and look for signs of teeth grinding, bite misalignment or other factors that may have led to your jaw pain. Regardless of the reason, you can trust us to customize an effective treatment plan to bring you relief.

When it comes to pain in your teeth or jaw, trust Lawrenceville’s finest and contact Gwinnett Family Dental Care. Staying at the forefront of modern dentistry means that our patients have access to more efficient, more accurate and more comfortable dental treatments.

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