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Tooth Extractions

If you have a damaged or troubled tooth, there’s a good chance we can save it. However, there are also circumstances in which removing a natural tooth is in the best interest of your dental health or overall health. If you need a tooth extraction, you can trust Gwinnett Family Dental Care for excellence. We are proud of our ability to serve patients of all ages with the comfortable and efficient care they deserve.

With our modern amenities, caring staff and advanced dental technology, tooth removal is nothing to fear. It is a straightforward procedure that our dentists have perfected in every way. To eliminate your discomfort during an extraction, we also provide sedation dentistry for kids and adults. Furthermore, if your missing tooth warrants replacement, you can find multiple top-quality options in restorative dentistry right here in our Lawrenceville office.

Reasons for Tooth Removal

At Gwinnett Family Dental Care, we have a remarkable ability to restore or repair a tooth from damage or decay. It is possible, however, to have a tooth that is too far compromised for revival or one that needs to be removed for orthodontic reasons. Our dentists may recommend tooth extraction in the following situations:

  • Advanced Gum Disease
  • Severe Tooth Trauma
  • Extensive Tooth Decay or Infection
  • Problematic Wisdom Teeth
  • Stubborn Baby Tooth
  • Crowding/Prepare for Orthodontic Treatment

When performing extractions, our dentists use advanced techniques that conserve as much surrounding tissue and bone as possible. We will also carefully explain what you can expect in terms of healing at home.

Contact Gwinnett Family Dental Care today for comfortable, patient-centered care in tooth removal. We offer extended hours to accommodate your schedule.

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