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When you think of cavity fillings, do you think of obvious metals making their presence readily known? While these fillings are quite effective as restoratives, the look of traditional fillings is not always ideal. Fortunately, advances in dental fillings have led to a number of more natural-looking general dentistry options suitable for fillings in more easily visible areas of the tooth surface.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Materials used in tooth-colored fillings tend to be either high-tech plastic compounds or ceramic. These materials are so closely matched to the natural tooth surface that they can be invisible and are often used to fill cavities which can sometimes form in front teeth. Depending upon the extent of tooth decay and the orientation of cavities in back teeth, tooth-colored fillings may also be a suitable option for back teeth.

Natural Color Dental Fillings

While natural color dental fillings are almost always preferred by patients to more obvious metal options, they’re not always the best choice for a dental restoration. Teeth which bear a substantial chewing load and those with a less suitable amount of structure remaining as a result of decay may not be ideal candidates for natural color dental fillings.

Our skilled dentists have a wealth of experience with not only traditional fillings, but also the most advanced in next-generation tooth-colored fillings. We’ll discuss all of your options for fillings, including natural color dental fillings, before the application of any dental restorative.

Contact us today to learn more about today’s tooth-colored fillings, and to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you decide whether traditional or natural color dental fillings are best for your situation, along with choosing between indirect or direct fillings. Let us make your cavities a thing of the past, often with undetectable fillings designed to mimic the natural tooth surface.

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