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Root Canals

When you hear the phrase “root canal,” do you cringe in fear? You are not alone; this common and relatively simple dentistry procedure has become one of the most unfairly maligned in the world of dentistry. Endodontic treatments may have received something of a bad rap, but they’re one of the first and best lines of defense against the loss of a diseased or damaged tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

One of the most obvious signs that a root canal may be necessary is a severe toothache. You may also experience pain while eating, with the application of pressure or in response to hot and cold temperatures. Teeth in need of a root canal may be discolored, cracked or in extreme situations, be abscessed. This is when treatment becomes an urgent necessity, as failure to address a severely damaged tooth can leave to jawbone injury, health problems and the loss of an affected tooth.

Painless Root Canals

While the overwhelming perception among patients is that a root canal is an extremely difficult and painful procedure, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pain associated with root canal procedures is almost always the result of the tooth damage itself, and is relieved after a successful root canal. Most patients equate the discomfort of the procedure with having a filling replaced, and patients who have experienced a root canal are six times more likely to rate it as “painless” than those who have never had endodontic treatment. In short, a root canal is perceived to be very painful, but is in fact a therapeutic treatment.

If you are suffering from a toothache or suspect tooth damage which would necessitate a root canal, don’t panic. Contact Gwinnett Family Dental Care today and let us schedule a consultation to determine whether you need a painless root canal procedure.

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