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Gardens Aren’t the Only Things That Need Water!

Water With Fruit in a Glass

With intense summer heat, keeping the living things in your life hydrated is most important if they are to remain healthy and thriving. This includes you! Your dental team at Gwinnett Family Dental Care wants to remind you of the importance of staying hydrated. Not only does it impact every system in your body, it also affects your oral health.

Dry Mouth Blues

Generally, our bodies tend to produce less saliva in the summer months due to the heat. This causes dry mouth, which results in problems for your oral health. Without sufficient moisture, your lips feel dry, you may experience a burning sensation in your mouth and chewing and swallowing your food can become difficult. You could also develop halitosis.

In addition to being uncomfortable, dry mouth also creates an oral environment that is ripe for developing cavities and gum disease. The saliva in your mouth has certain functions that help keep your teeth and gums healthy while also aiding in chewing, swallowing and beginning the digestive process. Saliva flow helps wash away food debris in the mouth. It also contains phosphate, calcium and bicarbonate, which work to keep teeth healthy and strengthen the enamel. When the flow of saliva is diminished, the oral environment changes. Plaque builds up more easily and cavities are more likely to develop as a result of the increased bacterial activity. Gum disease is also more likely to develop.

Maintaining a Healthy Smile

There are ways to stay hydrated and smart ways to stay hydrated. Your dental team at Gwinnett Family Dental encourages you to hydrate using these smart tips:

  • The most important move you can make for your body and oral health is to drink plenty of water. It is the best beverage for keeping your body hydrated and keeping your gums and teeth healthy.
  • Minimize diuretic beverages like caffeinated drinks and alcohol. These are natural diuretics. Make a plan to reduce consumption of these beverages, especially on very hot days. They can have an adverse effect on your body’s ability to stay hydrated.
  • Sugary beverages should also be kept to a minimum. Both sugar and salt particles tend to pull water out of your body, which causes you to feel thirstier. Additionally, soda is one of the most acidic beverages available. With already low levels of acid-reducing saliva, soda only makes it easier for cavities and gingivitis to develop.
  • Increase your saliva production by sucking on sugar-free mints. They also help keep your breath fresh.
  • Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your meal planning. It is more refreshing to reach for a delicious piece of fresh fruit rather than a sugary candy bar. Although fruits contain sugar, they also have plenty of healthy nutrients. A quick rinse with water after consuming any kind of snack or beverage containing sugar will help maintain your oral health.
  • Consider kicking your tobacco habit. Whether smoking it or chewing it, tobacco use increases dry mouth. It also contributes to other oral problems.

Take care of your teeth and gums and they will last a lifetime. We help you maintain your best oral health at Gwinnett Family Dental Care. Call us today for a dental examination or other dental care.

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