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How Dental Nightguards Can Protect Your Teeth and Jaw Joint from Bruxism

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Bruxism, a condition characterized by teeth grinding or clenching, can lead to various dental issues and jaw discomfort. Dental nightguards serve as an effective solution to protect teeth and the jaw joint (TMJ) from the adverse effects of bruxism. Gwinnett Family Dental Care offers customized dental nightguard treatment for our patients with bruxism. Here is how these nightguards play a crucial role in safeguarding your oral health.

Preventing Tooth, Gum and Restoration Damage

The primary function of a dental nightguard is to create a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing them from grinding against each other during sleep. This significantly reduces the risk of wear, chipping, fracturing, or flattening of the teeth caused by bruxism. Individuals with dental restorations like crowns, veneers, or bridges are particularly susceptible to damage caused by bruxism. Nightguards protect these dental investments by preventing excessive pressure on the restorations, prolonging their lifespan.

Excessive teeth grinding can also put pressure on the gums, leading to gum recession over time. Nightguards act as a cushion, minimizing the impact on the gums and reducing the risk of recession.

Alleviating Jaw Pain

Bruxism can strain the muscles in the jaw, leading to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, headaches, and facial discomfort. Nightguards help distribute the forces exerted during teeth grinding, reducing the strain on the jaw muscles and providing relief from associated pain and discomfort. Bruxism is often a cause of TMJ disorders that can impact the function and comfort of the jaw joint. Nightguards can help reduce the strain on the TMJ, minimizing the risk of TMD development or alleviating symptoms associated with existing jaw joint issues.

Reducing Sensitivity

Bruxism can lead to increased tooth sensitivity, making hot or cold foods and beverages uncomfortable. This is a result of worn-down tooth enamel that increases the chance of tooth sensitivity. Nightguards help alleviate this sensitivity by providing a protective barrier against grinding, reducing the wear on tooth enamel that contributes to sensitivity.

Improving Sleep Quality

Bruxism often occurs during sleep and can disrupt the quality of sleep for both the individual grinding their teeth and their sleep partner. Nightguards create a physical barrier that dampens the sound of teeth grinding, contributing to better sleep quality for both parties.

Customized Fit for Comfort

Dental nightguards are custom-made by our dentists at Gwinnett Family Dental to fit the individual’s teeth and bite pattern. This ensures a comfortable fit, allowing for proper alignment of the jaw while providing effective protection against teeth grinding.

Cost-Effective Prevention for Preserving Oral Health

Investing in a custom dental nightguard can save significant costs in the long run by preventing potential dental issues and the need for extensive restorative treatments due to bruxism-related damage. By preventing damage caused by bruxism, dental nightguards help preserve overall oral health. They mitigate the need for expensive dental treatments that may arise from the consequences of untreated teeth grinding.

Regular consultations with a dentist are crucial for diagnosing bruxism and determining the most suitable treatment plan, which might include the use of a custom dental nightguard. When used consistently, these nightguards provide effective protection for teeth, jaw joints and overall oral health, allowing individuals to manage and alleviate the adverse effects of bruxism. To learn more about dental nightguard therapy to protect your smile and jaw joint from bruxism damage, contact Gwinnett Family Dental Care in Lawrenceville, GA, to schedule your appointment.

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