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How to Get Your Child Excited About Going to the Dentist

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It should not be surprising that your child’s least favorite activity is a trip to the dentist, as only a few people look forward to it. Therefore, it is crucial to make your children look forward to seeing the dentist, so they do not carry any dread or unfavorable memories of the experience into adulthood. Developing this interest in children involves some work, but the advantages will last a lifetime.

Below are some simple tips to help you overcome your child’s dislike or terror of the dentist.

Speak Optimistically About Visiting the Dentist

What message are parents sending their children if they show fear of the dentist and reschedule occasional appointments?

Although visiting the dentist can cause anxiety in adults, it is better to avoid discussing your previous poor dental experiences in the presence of your child because you will likely pass this fear on to them. Instead, be optimistic about it; for example, mention to your kid how much you like picking out a new toothbrush when the session ends or how all the dental equipment is fascinating.

Engage in Fun Activities After the Dentist Appointment

Children are more likely to be excited about going to the dentist if they know something fun and exciting will happen afterward. Treat your child with a recently desired toy, a movie trip, a day at the park, or a play date with friends or let them choose the afternoon’s activities.

Encourage Good Oral Hygiene Habits to Ensure a Painless Dental Visit

You should ensure your child practices good oral hygiene at home for several reasons. For starters, it will prevent having a traumatizing dental experience. For example, going to the dentist can be painful and taxing if your child has irritated gums, cavities or other dental problems. Make sure your child avoids sweet food and drinks as much as possible, brushes their teeth at least twice daily and flosses once per day.

Furthermore, a dentist will likely compliment your child on their successful dental hygiene practices, boosting their self-esteem and making the visit more enjoyable.

Find a Kid-Friendly Dentist in Georgia

Children’s dentistry is a popular specialty among dentists. After the cleaning or checkup, they will give your child a “reward,” like a small toy or some cool stickers. As a result, seeing the dentist becomes linked to positive experiences.

At Gwinnett Family Dental Care, we are experienced in calming and amusing kids. Inform our dental office in advance if your child is more anxious than usual. We will be pleased to make every effort to accommodate your child and alleviate their fears. Please visit our Georgia office today to make an appointment or to learn more about encouraging your kids to care for their teeth.

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