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Tiny Teeth = Big Deal

Healthy Teeth

Your teeth are a big deal. Each tiny tooth is part of a big chewing process that is a huge deal. Let’s follow the progression of a tiny tooth through to its ultimate role it plays in your total health.

Each tooth is made of four different types of tissue: pulp, dentin, enamel and cementum. You are given two sets of teeth. Your first set is milk or baby teeth and you have 20 of them. Around the age of 6 you begin to lose them and they’re replaced by 32 permanent or adult teeth.

Your set of teeth provides you with your first step in your digestion process. Your teeth break down your food into smaller pieces, with each tooth having a specific ‘job.’ Once your teeth, saliva, and tongue convert your food into a soft and moist mass it can then make its journey through the throat and swallowed and digested to be used to nourish your entire health.

Your entire set of teeth not only help in the process of nourishment for your body, but they also help you express yourself. Your teeth help provide you with the structural support for your face muscles for smiling, frowning, etc. They also help you form sounds that help you communicate specific words and sentences.

Gwinnett Family Dental Care knows that your teeth are a big deal, that’s why we promote proper dental care for each and every tooth. If it’s been awhile since you scheduled a dental appointment, why not consider this to be your invitation to book your appointment with one of our caring dentists at Gwinnett Family Dental Care. You can read more about what the American Dental Association has to say in Your Top 9 Questions About Going to the Dentist – Answered!

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