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Wisdom Teeth

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It’s ironic that the teeth that are named “Wisdom” cause so much confusion. Wisdom is usually associated with knowledge and experience, but wisdom teeth are usually associated with mystery and misunderstanding. Gwinnett Family Dentistry would like to help clear up any questions you might have about wisdom teeth.

What are wisdom teeth?
These teeth are your last ones to develop and appear in your mouth. They are located behind the upper and lower second molars.
I don’t see any wisdom teeth in my mouth. Do you think will they appear soon?
If your wisdom teeth are going to appear, they typically emerge between the ages of 17 and 25.
What does impacted mean?
If a tooth is unable to erupt into your mouth, it is considered impacted.
What if I can’t see my wisdom teeth and they’re not causing me any pain, will I still need to get them removed?
Impacted teeth can cause you a variety of problems such as infection, tooth decay, damage to neighboring teeth, periodontal disease and other dental issues.
When should I have my wisdom teeth removed?
Each patient is unique; therefore the timing of your wisdom teeth removal will be unique to you as well. Our dentists at Gwinnett Family Dental Care will evaluate and examine your mouth to determine when and if your wisdom teeth need removed.

Call our Lawrenceville office today to schedule your consultation to determine if wisdom teeth removal is right for you or your child at this time. We will provide you with the very best and most advanced wisdom teeth removal care. Your oral health is important to us. Book your appointment with us today!

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