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Picasso Lite- Soft Tissue Laser

At Gwinnett Family Dental Care, we believe in pursuing and investing in the latest dental tools in the industry. When it comes to soft tissue lasers, our dentists are equipped with the Picasso Lite. This innovative device in laser technology can treat a wide variety of dental concerns, ranging from gum disease and ulcer relief to crown lengthening, frenectomy, overgrown tissues and more.

The use of lasers in dentistry is well established and a favorable alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Using the targeted and powerful wavelengths of the Picasso Lite laser, we can help patients avoid sutures as well as give them a more comfortable procedure and quicker recovery time. In fact, many soft tissue laser treatments only require local anesthesia.

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Frenectomy Procedure

A frenectomy is a surgical procedure that removes or loosens a band of muscle that is attached to the lip, cheek or floor of the mouth. This type of muscle attachment, or frenum, can be found beneath the tongue or between the two front teeth. When the lower frenum is especially large, it can limit the tongue’s movement and may even cause speech problems. This is commonly known as “tongue tied.” To restore proper movement to the tongue, the frenum can be gently removed during a lingual frenectomy.

In other patients, the frenum attaches far down between the upper two teeth and causes the permanent teeth to become improperly spaced. This is typically seen in children whose permanent teeth have emerged. Therefore, a labial frenectomy can be used to remove this muscle tissue and prepare the patient for orthodontic treatment.

At Gwinnett Family Dental Care, we perform both types of frenectomy procedures using our Picasso Lite soft tissue laser. This advanced surgical method minimizes bleeding and greatly reduces the need for sutures in the mouth. Overall, patients report less pain and a quicker, uneventful healing process with laser surgery compared to scalpel methods. In addition, our office offers a full menu of sedation dentistry options to ensure patients remain at their highest level of comfort during laser therapy.

Gingivectomy for Gum Disease

Soft tissue lasers are also widely used to treat gum disease in patients with advanced periodontal disease. During the procedure, one of our dentists will use the Picasso Lite technology to target the deep pockets of infected gum tissue. By removing the loose and inflamed gum tissues, there is no longer a pocket for further bacteria and plaque to accumulate, thus reversing serious gum disease. This is one of many treatment options that we offer for gum disease at Gwinnett Family Dental Care.

Aphthous Ulcer Relief

While aphthous ulcers (canker sores) typically go away on their own, they can bring significant disruption and pain in the process. To accelerate ulcer healing and provide pain relief from this type of mouth sore, we can use our advanced soft tissue dental laser. Patients can expect this treatment to be quick, affordable and remarkably effective. Using advanced light energy, we can seal off the nerve endings and promote faster healing. If you have an ulcer or canker sore that is causing severe pain or making it difficult to eat or drink, call our Lawrenceville office to schedule laser therapy for effective ulcer relief.

To learn more about our advanced treatment options using the Picasso Lite Soft Tissue Laser, please contact Gwinnett Family Dental Care. Our facility and equipment are state of the art and our care is personalized and compassionate.

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