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Duluth Dental Implants

Where do you turn when missing teeth diminish both your confidence and the functionality of your mouth? For patients in the Duluth area, the answer is clear: Gwinnett Family Dental Care. We are the area’s leading provider of not only comprehensive routine and general dentistry, but also oral surgery and complex cosmetic & restorative dentistry. You don’t have to live with missing teeth and you may not have to settle for a partial denture application. Our Board Certified oral surgeons can help you achieve a beautiful, functional smile through dental implants.

Implant Dentistry Specialist

When you are in the market for a surgical tooth replacement option, you only want the best care. Gwinnett Family Dental Care is the premier implant dentistry specialist anywhere in the area surrounding Duluth and we are here to offer you the very best in state-of-the-art surgical care.

Dental implants are one of the best and most effective methods of replacing a lost tooth, restoring your confidence and reshaping your smile, but they’re not always covered under all insurance plans. We don’t believe a lack of insurance coverage should ever be the reason why you live with a damaged smile or loss of function, so we offer a wide array of payment options to make implant dentistry specialist care accessible to all of our patients. We even offer no-interest financing contingent upon approval.

Contact us today to learn more about dental implants, and to schedule a consultation with our oral care experts. We’ll evaluate the condition of your oral health to determine the best course of action for you, and whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. Together, we can create the beautiful, functional smile you want without resorting to removable partial dentures.

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